The iPhone 2020 should cost even more than those of this year

The iPhone 2020 should cost even more than those of this year

Good news for critics of Apple: the prices of the next Apple devices should still fly next year. Several reasons would justify this increase, including the 5G modem and new sensors.

The iPhone 2020 should cost even more than those of this year

If Apple products are often excellent qualities, no one will deny that they are very expensive. It is not the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max sold respectively 809, 1159 and 1259 euros only in their 64 GB version that prove otherwise. Still higher prices, a trend that many competitors like Samsung and Huawei are now following. That detractors of the Apple brand are reassured, they should have plenty of time to perpetuate their criticism. According to analyst Ming-Chi Kui, presented as “the best analyst of Apple in the world” expected iPhone rates in 2020 should increase further.

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Is a pill hard to swallow for customers?

It must be said that at the brand, the real revolution would be expected for 2020 with the iPhone 12, Pro and Pro Max. The increase in rates would be justified by three main factors. The first takes the form of new materials for the structure of the phones, which would impose a complex treatment and therefore a high cost. The second factor is the implementation of 5G via a Qualcomm modem. Specifically, all the iPhone 2020 would be compatible with 5G . The last element to take into account, more powerful sensors and the addition of a 3D ToF sensor.

To all these elements put forward by Ming-Chi Kuo, hope that Apple does not have to integrate the cost of new glass. Indeed, the iPhone 11, yet presented as a revolutionary glass and supposed to be the most resistant to date, would actually mega fragile.  It only remains to hope for the brand that its customers will accept this probable price increase. Case to follow by next year, in short.

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