Wordpress plugins Free – Save & Share Cart for WooCommerce

Wordpress plugins Free Download – Save & Share Cart for WooCommerce

Save & Share Cart enables anyone to save their carts – simple products, variation products, add-on products, any kind of product – and get a unique link to retrieve the cart later. Click on the link in a chat, social media, email, bookmark or anywhere and retrieve the cart at any time.

An authority for anyone who uses your store to save and share their cart
Cart Save and Share allows anyone to save their baskets (simple products, various products, additional products, any kind of products) and get a unique link to redeem their cart later. Click on the link in chat, social media, email, bookmark or anywhere and retrieve the shopping cart anytime.

There is also a button to send the shopping cart in a nifty email that shows products, product images, quantities, and totals, and a large button to click and retrieve the contents of that basket. Save & Share Cart empowers store managers and improves the shopping experience for all of their customers. Here are some examples:

Customers save the cart Wordpress plugins for later use – customers can fill their cart in the morning, then without losing this work, they can save the cart for retrieval later, the next day, or anytime they want

The customer sends the cart to another person for payment – it can be customers who create a cart and then send it to someone else who can retrieve it and pay for it.

Pre-fill your cart to help their customers – Store managers can assist their customers via phone, chat, social media or email by pre-filling their cart and then shipping them to them so they can fill their cart with one click.

Group products for promotion: Store managers can pre-fill the shopping cart, save and give it an unforgettable name, then use the unique link to promote on their site, in an email campaign, on social media, on a banner advertisement or anywhere.


  • Customers Save a cart to use it later
  • Customer send a cart to someone else to pay
  • Pre-fill a cart to assist your customers
  • Bundle products for a promotion
  • and more



Download Save & Share Cart for WooCommerce v2.17


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