Free Download WordPress Automatic Plugin v3.50.3

Free Download Latest Version of WordPress Auto Plugin – The WordPress Auto Plugin is one of the best WordPress content scraper plugins. Designed and developed by ValvePress and is commercially available from CodeCanyon. This plugin has nearly 17700+ sales as of today.

This automatic WordPress plugin automatically publishes regular articles, ClickBank products, Amazon products, YouTube videos, feed posts, and more. You just need to create a campaign and relax, this automatic WordPress plugin will publish content according to your campaign settings in an automatic beta. This one is easy to create a Post automated campaign, just go to your WordPress blog dashboard and New Campaign, then select automated post campaign type, enter the campaign keywords, post template, post filters, etc. And press the publish button. That’s it, now sit back and relax, this plugin will do all the content publishing work for you.

This automated WordPress plugin supports over 20 campaign types. It can automatically pull and post content from all popular social sites, affiliate sites, and even regular sites. This plugin also provides the option to rotate your published content with the “best rotate tool”.

You just need to set up “Top carousel account” in the settings page for this plugin and specify the spin content options while creating a campaign to make it work.

You can also start an Amazon autopilot or Clickbank website by setting your Amazon API username and Clickbank, and this plugin will automatically generate product posts with your affiliate links. Overall, this automatic WordPress plugin is the best WordPress auto blogging plugin with lots of customization options and advanced features.

Main features of the WordPress Automatic Plugin

  • Amazon affiliate API support
  • Search and replace words in article option
  • Clickbank products with the affiliate link support
  • Ads options
  • EzineArticles API
  • The Best Spinner support for content rewriting
  • Flicker API Support
  • Youtube API Support
  • WooCommerce Support
  • iTunes affiliate options
  • Envato affiliate  support
  • Allow to setup update frequency
  • Limit maximum number of posts
  • Post template option
  • Auto featured image
  • Different post-filters support
  • Translate the post posting
  • WPML language support
  • Auto posts from RSS feed
  • Auto posts Amazon, eBay, Walmart, and Clickbank Products.

Sales Page of WordPress Automatic Plugin v3.50.3

What’s New in WordPress Automatic Plugin v3.50.3 (Changelog)

  • Fixed: Amazon featured images using API sometimes did not work.
  • Fix: Posting without API now returns the image when posting from
  • Fixed: Stip original links from the post now leaves twitter embed links.
  • Improved Translation algorithm.
  • Fix: FB links import from RTL pages now works
  • Removed [review_iframe] from Amazon campaigns and imported amazon posts
  • Fix: Settings page check boxes now get saved.
  • Fix: Single page scraper can now remove by ID/Class without issues.
  • Improved: YouTube tags as WordPress tags now uses the official API.
  • Fix: Instagram now displays an error if the session is expired.
  • And Some other minor enhancements and bug fixes.

Free Download WordPress Automatic Plugin v3.50.3  Latest Version – Content Scraping WordPress Plugin

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