Best 5 Directory WordPress Listing Themes

If you are planning to create an online directory, WordPress is the ideal platform for your project. As this set demonstrates, several great themes are presented which include all the features you need to create a professional online directory. Whether you want to list local businesses, attractions, events, or classifieds, these WordPress directory wordPress listing  themes have you covered.

Some of the popular features found in these themes include Google Maps integration, front-end submission forms for user generated content acceptance, and several monetization options. If you are not sure if a directory theme is the right choice for your project, there are other related topics that may be more appropriate. For more information, visit these groups to see what is also on offer:

Here is the list of the best directory themes for WordPress:

1. ListingPro

Best 5 Directory WordPress Listing Themes

ListPro is an all-in-one WordPress theme that includes everything you need to run an online directory.

Although ListPro is a brand new WordPress theme, it was created by an experienced development team. Thanks to the comment system used in the leading ThemeForest market, where this theme can be purchased, it only takes a few clicks to know that ListPro developers have a proven track record when it comes to producing and supporting professional WordPress themes.

So, if you are looking for a WordPress directory theme from a trusted source, ListPro definitely meets those requirements. The changelog really provides a good indication that this topic will be updated and improved periodically over the next few weeks, months, and years.

When it comes to the theme itself, the ListPro site really includes everything you might need to start a full-featured online guide with WordPress. Thanks to this, you don’t need to purchase any paid plugins to create and maintain your site.

In the package, you’ll find a comprehensive review and rating system, an advanced search tool, an easy-to-use list submission interface, a built-in ads manager, and much more. In fact, if you compare the ListPro feature list with some of the other WordPress directory themes available, you’d probably be a fan.

Monetization options are well covered, too. ListPro includes an ad management tool to display ads on your site. The theme features make it easy to create various membership packages, including payment options. Online payment collection is also covered. You can also create claimed listings to encourage your target audience to register and take control of your listings.

No matter what type of online listings or directory you want to create with WordPress, the ListPro website has the layout and list of features to help you not only get started, but build a profitable business.

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WordPress Listing Themes

Wyzi is a powerful multifunctional business search engine and service provider directory WordPress theme.

This theme can be used in many different ways, making it a good choice for anyone wanting a lot of expansion options as their directory website grows. Various website demos make it easy to start a general purpose listing site, service provider directory, real estate listing portal, and online business directory.

Each demo works a little differently, with various options for how the menus are displayed and how users interact with them. However, you can easily combine various elements of demos to create an ideal platform for your online directory and website. Since Visual Composer is in the Wyzi theme package, you can really customize almost every aspect of this theme via a drag-and-drop content editor.

When it comes to configuring online directory listing settings Wyzi has an astonishing number of options. WooCommerce takes care of the payments side, its plugin library gives you many different ways to collect and manage user payments. Commissions can be charged on individual transactions or you can simply charge a flat fee for the ability to post a listing on your site. Pay packages can also be created per subscription.

If you want a lot of monetization options for your online website, the Wyzi Directory theme might be for you.

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3. Listable

Best 5 Directory WordPress

Listable is ideal for both local and global directory sites. So if you are into creating a website listing using WordPress, this might be the right topic for you.

Whether you want to create a community website to highlight local attractions in your area, or you prefer creating a revenue-generating business directory site, this theme gives you the choice. With the theme settings, you can create multiple paid plans, including the free entry level option.

This allows your visitors to register and start adding their listings to your directory for a fee of their choice. If you create multiple pricing plans, Listable will automatically create a price table so that your visitors can easily compare the different options available to them.

Depending on how you set up this topic, your directory may include a search form on the homepage making it easier for visitors to search your listings as soon as they arrive. Additionally, you can also easily add category icons to the homepage, which, once again, makes it easy for your audience to filter the listings by business type or attraction.

When it comes to adding listings to your directory, you, as a site owner or administrator, can add them both from the backend and through the front-end forms. Manually registered users can only add their own content via dedicated front-end submission forms.

One particularly cool feature of Listable is that the add-on is available through plugins, rather than being automatically included in the theme. This means you only need to enable the features you plan to use, which prevents your WordPress installation from becoming cluttered with unnecessary features and icons.

Listable combines professional design with some great monetization options to help you create a profitable directory site with WordPress.

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4. DirectoryEngine

Directory Engine

DirectoryEngine is a great directory theme from the EngineThemes team that follows in the footsteps of other apps’ specially designed themes.

As with other EngineThemes app features, it put a lot of effort into making setting up your website as easy as possible. The built-in Quick Start Guide will get your site up and running in no time, allowing you to get a good overview of the various features and settings before you start adding content.

To allow you to create your own custom page layouts to suit your preferences and your community’s preferences, the theme uses modular content blocks that can be dragged and dropped into place. These blocks include content units such as Featured Places, Popular Places and Latest Places, Reviews, Services, Testimonials, Reviews, and Categories. Modules can also be added to any of the sidebar areas as tools, which gives you a lot of flexibility in creating your homepage and inside.

For end users, submitting a listing to your directory is easy thanks to the front-end submission forms. The entire process integrates seamlessly with the rest of your website and doesn’t even require additional pages to load thanks to Ajax being used to build it.

Each place added to the directory gets its own page that can be used to display that list. These individual pages can include maps, large photos, and videos, along with all the relevant details of the business.

When it comes to site navigation, this WordPress directory theme makes it very easy for visitors to view the listings, with relevant listings constantly displayed without page reloading for a seamless user experience.

Lists can be navigated by exploring the map, searching in the directory, or filtering using categories. With location fields, users can filter results within a specific range to find a nearby business. Users can also bookmark lists for quick access to subsequent visits to your site.

DirectoryEngine is also mobile-friendly thanks to its responsive design. This ensures that those looking for a job or an important place can use your guide just as easily, regardless of whether they are at home, at work, or while traveling.

In short, DirectoryEngine makes it easy to create your own page layouts thanks to modular drag and drop content blocks, and it comes with all the other features you’d expect from a modern directory theme, including a great looking layout.

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5. Directory


The Directory app theme provides users with many options to navigate the menus, such as using the built-in Google Maps, filtering by categories and subcategories, and searching and viewing all lists for a specific city. The topic also includes a geo tracker that uses your visitors’ IP address to display listings in the city closest to them.

Although the optional geo tracker works on all devices, it makes any directory created website more convenient for mobile users, as they can instantly see the listings closest to them without having to enter their current location. The theme is also fully responsive to screens of all sizes.

When it comes to monetizing your guide, you can charge each listing or set up subscription packages. You can also set additional fees for listings presented in specific categories, giving you many options to earn money from your site.

PayPal is supported out of the box and several additional payment gateways can be added through the directory plugins. Recurring payments for subscription packages can be set up when using PayPal.

Visitors can submit lists using forms created with the custom form builder or through the admin interface individually. Lists can also be imported in bulk via CSV file, which saves you time when creating the directory. Site visitors can create user profiles and receive email alerts about their listings.

The manual is a powerful feature packed with many great features. The structure and organization of your directory as well as the content of individual listings are all highly customizable, thanks to the use of the included custom post type builder. All this makes the theme ideal for almost any type of listing and a great choice for creating a premium directory.

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